Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Should the Dems do about Iraq?

Right now, big voices in the netroots are saying that Iraq is hopelessly screwed up, and that all that can be done is to get a new president in 2009. Democrats have to stop trying to come up with a "save Iraq" plan, because this gang will screw it up; and impeachment isn't an option because, no one wants to see President Cheney (or President Hastert or whatever).

Without disagreeing with the above, I'd like to point out that there is a third option. Today, we have a President who is an idiot, surrounded by toadies who make insanely bad decisions and are utterly incompetent. Democrats need to force the President to throw out his senior leadership and replace it with sane people. We need to make him clean house and fill it with people like Brent Scowcroft--people who, while we don't agree with them on everything, aren't going to lie to gin up support for a half-baked war in a critically strategic region and then lose it.

This is what used to be done in monarchies when the king went nuts. Instead of deposing him and running the risk of totally destabilizing society, nobles surrounded him with powerful and competent leaders who would act in his name, while talking him out of or otherwise undermining his completely insane ideas.

This is the best way for the Democrats to salvage what can be salvaged over the next three years, and also to position themselves to win the next election. Dems need to let it be publicly known that they are pushing for new leadership--and actually throw out the names of a new Secretary of Defense, or a new National Security Advisor who they are hearing "buzz" about and of whom they approve. Throw out the most gravitas-laden-name that gets the most bipartisan respect (like Scowcroft), even if there's no way this is going to happen. Then, when a neocon nut is replaced, the Democrats are in a position to say, "it's an improvement, we made this improvement happen, if you want more like this, start voting for Democrats, because unified Republican leadership brought you the fiascos of Iraq, Dubai, North Korea, nuclear proliferation, and no Osama."


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