Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to win on Illegal Domestic Spying...

I am really tired of Democrats who keep arguing that, "it's the lawbreaking, stupid." You know how that conversation plays in Peoria?

--"President Bush lied to spy on Americans."
--"Yeah, but he did it to protect us. Wouldn't you break the law to save your son's life?"
--"But that's not the point. Um, it's that he didn't go to congress and let them change the law."
--"Okay, he should have gone to Congress. But I'd rather have a president who'd break the law to protect me than one who was so afraid of going to jail he'd let me die rather than break the law..."

See how this DOESN'T work for us?

Here's how to make it work for us.
--"I love that Bush is talking about how it's OK he broke the law because he takes Osama bin Laden seriously. I seem to remember 6 months after September 11, he said he wasn't worried about Osama bin Laden, but he was REALLY concerned about Iraq."
--"Yeah, but Osama bin Laden is a threat."
--"He totally is. Why the hell did Bush say he wasn't concerned about him? Man, Bush is a total screwup. I don't see why we put up with him breaking the law. He needs someone to hold him accountable."


Blogger Dogstar said...

"Seriously, in my lifetime no leftist has committed a violent terrorist act to kill innocent civilians. The same cannot be said for the doctor-shooting, olympic-bombing, federal-building-blowing-up right."

You made this comment on digby's blog. You seem to be forgetting about a long list of people. Let me refresh your memory:

The Weathermen
Taliban John from Marin County

4:19 PM

Blogger theorajones said...

Dude, that's pathetic.

I don't even know who the Weathermen and SLA are. I wasn't around in the 60's, and unlike you, I'm not worried about 60's radicals who grew out of their insanity and are now housewives in Washington State. If you want to go back to the 60's, though, we can look at the body count of the right-wing terrorist organization called the KKK, and I'm sure their body count in the 60's will put everyone else to shame.

PETA and ELF? PETA puts naked celebrities on billboards, and ELF--who are the fringemost fringe of left fringedom--sneaks into buildings in the wilderness when nobody's around and burns 'em down. Certainly not a good thing, but there's a world of difference between that and killing people!

Also, how the hell is Taliban John a leftist? He was a screwed up kid who HATED mommy and daddy and all those Marin county liberals, so he went as diametrically opposed to their values as he could. He joined the racist, sexist, religiously fanatical, and completely evil America-hating Taliban.

Just give it up

8:10 PM


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