Friday, June 10, 2005

Beat Your Wife to Death? $50 and Time Served!

Via Bobo's world, a guy in Oklahoma who apparently beat his wife to death has been charged with "a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of $3,000 or both."

In Texas we get a story about a guy who beat the crap out of his pregnant girlfriend until she miscarried, and the focus of the article (as Amanda points out) is abortion, specifically the politics and legality of abortion. It even asks why Erica would choose to have her boyfriend beat the crap out of her instead of getting a legal abortion, and suggests the answer is that she was in denial about her pregnancy and that this is common in teen girls. Becuase apparently, the salient issue isn't the fact that we have a teenager in a violent, abusive relationship that did her such physical harm that she miscarried--no, the real issue here is abortion rights and the wacky things that crazy teenage pregnant girls do!

See, where the Oklahoma woman went wrong was in getting old and not being pregnant when she let her husband beat her to death. Becuase, you know, if he'd hurt the fetus inside her, then we'd have a crime! But without a fetus in her...she's just a worthless empty cunt, I guess.


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