Monday, May 02, 2005

Maybe those Hillary-haters Have a Point

"It is unconscionable to balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable Americans, and that is exactly what the White House and congressional Republicans have decided to do,"

Girlfriend got it wrong. Here's the math:

Our current spending + $100 billion in tax cuts -
$40 billion in food stamps and Medicaid cuts =
$300 million in the red

We've got a leaky ship of state awash in a sea of red ink. What's the Bush Administration do? Throw two poor skinny bastards overboard, hoping we won't notice that it didn't do the job and we're still sinking!!

The Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans ASPIRE to a budget that is balanced on the backs of our most vulnerable Americans. Pathetically, they can't even get that right. Seriously, while I can see where ruthless incompetence is dashing, we've moved one giant step closer to a system with the worst of both worlds: fiscal ruin and moral indefensibility.

Can't wait to see what happens if he gets his hands on Social Security. Yeah, that'll end well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd think the conservatives, with all their money-mindedness, would give a hoot about the crazy spending we're seeing now. It kind of baffles me that for the most part, many of them don't seem to care.

4:54 AM


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