Monday, March 28, 2005

Still Waiting for the Magic Johnson Hit Piece

So, I was thinking about Magic Johnson. I took a look at some of his (ahem) Johnson Development projects, and it seems like every damn piece on him makes Magic out to be a modern-day Robin Hood, revitalizing entire inner city communities with sustainable development through win-win projects that improve the community and turn a tidy profit (sadly, no pics of Magic in tights and quiver.).

So, where's the piece that unceremoniously cuts him down, and (justly or unjustly) calls all his achievements into question, putting him under a cloud of self-serving mendacity?

If such a piece does not present itself in a major publication within the next year, I think it represents a sea change in US journalism. I mean, you could never rely on those guys for the truth, but you could at least rely on them to never accept any millionaire who says he's going to start and business and dedicate himself to the betterment of the underprivileged. Whether it's a good thing, with fewer decent rich people pilloried for trying to do good things; or it's a bad thing, with credulous acceptance of exploitation of the poor when it's framed in a business model that only wants what's "best" for them; I don't know. But it's definitely a change.

(Sure, they let that Mother Theresa get away with public heroism on behalf of the poor, but she was, like, totally poor and celibate. This is a different thing entirely.)


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