Thursday, March 03, 2005

Seriously y'all, WHAT is up with Kansas?

Last week, we heard that the Kansas AG was subpoenaing the medical records of teenaged girls and adult women at clinics, ostensibly so he and his deputies can comb through them and look for evidence of child rape. Why someone would need look through the medical records of a 30-year-old adult woman to see if she's been the victim of statutory rape is, quite frankly, beyond me...

This week we hear that, apparently, Kansas prosecutors secretly took a DNA sample from a woman's pap smear in order to prove her father was a serial killer.

I can imagine the signs in Kansas will soon read: "Um, hi! Welcome to Kansas! Ladies, you may want to think twice before seeing a doctor, as it's becoming standard operating procedure for us to paw through your medical records (and your tissue samples, ewww) for evidence of crimes you had no connection to. Because, you know, there's absolutely no other way for us to catch serial killers or child rapists than invading the privacy of completely innocent women who had nothing to do with the crime! Yep, it's our only option, and we just feel sick to death that we keep using it all the damn time."

Hey, why don't we make this whole process more efficient and have every GYN in the state start sending copies of medical records and bits of tissue directly to the DA's office at the end of every workday? That way, the police can review it and follow up as they deem appropriate. I don't see why anyone would have a problem with that. Unless they had something to hide...


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