Monday, February 14, 2005

And about that Chocolate Situation...

This is just distressing. Chocolate and child slavery? I just ate an enormous chocolate heart and now I'm nauseous. Well, it was organic, so maybe I'm in the clear...

Send them some valentines. Nestle, Hershey, and Mars really don't want to be branded with a slogan like, "Tell you her you love offering her the blood of innocent children." Let them know you're not going to be placated with a tiny pilot project in Ghana--let them know that there will be no more chocolately goodness until they get on board with the Harkin/Engel plan.

Make it a Valentine's Day to remember, y'all!


Anonymous Alex said...

Courtesy of Alternet, here's a short (incomplete) list of companies known to sell slavery-free chocolate and cocoa products:

Clif Bar
Cloud Nine
Dagoba Organic Chocolate
Denman Island Chocolate
Gardners Candies
Green and Black's
Kailua Candy Company
Koppers Chocolate
L.A. Burdick Chocolates
La Siembre
Montezuma's Chocolates
Newman's Own Organics
Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company
Rapunzel Pure Organics
The Endangered Species Chocolate Company

Note: No organic beans are produced in Ivory Coast, but an organic label is no guarantee that the product is slave-free. Newman's Own, however, is both. Newman's Own contracts with Costa Rica producers who are closely monitored to comply with labor laws and organic standards.

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