Thursday, January 27, 2005

Club for Growth: My Opening Bid on the Social Security Trust Fund is $10,000!!

Dear Club for Growth:

Recently, you indicated that the Social Security Trust Fund has no assets, but is composed entirely of "paper IOUs that represent the Trust Fund’s obligations, not assets."

As a patriotic American, I would like to solve this problem for the government. I would like to take those "paper IOUs" off your hands. I've got $10,000 in savings, and I'll give it all to you in exchange for all the "paper IOUs" that are in the trust fund. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I figure this solves a horrible problem for you all. Now, those "paper IOUs" aren't the Trust Fund's horrible burden, they're MY horrible burden. And you can just finance the Social Security program out of general funds, the same way we finance the Defense Department. Also, hey, you're $10,000 ahead!

Because, you know, if the Trust Fund's really "not an asset," you'd be a fool not to trade it for cold hard cash. Right? Right??

I'll be waiting by my email.



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