Sunday, December 05, 2004

When Idiots Attack…

“George Bush got more votes than any president in American History!”
“And George Bush had more votes cast against him than any president in American History. It’s called population growth, you nitwit.”

“George Bush is the first president to win a majority since Reagan!”
“I’m so shocked more voters didn’t choose Ralph Nader over Kerry or Bush.”

“Look at all the red on that map. Clearly, it’s a mandate.”
“Because we all know that in a democracy, the opinion of the wheat fields of Kansas should matter more than the 8 million people living in New York.”

“It’s a broad, nationwide victory!”
“George Bush didn’t win a single state in the Northeast or on the West Coast. Last I heard, ‘coast to coast’ didn’t mean ‘from Virginia to Texas’.”

“Kerry supporters were limited to the liberal holdouts of the East Coast”
“Liberal holdouts like New Hampshire. And since when is Wisconsin on the East Coast?”


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