Wednesday, December 22, 2004

George Bush says: "This Christmas, if you're hungry you should just eat your babies!"

By now we're all aware of the Bush Administration's habit of releasing bad news when it's likely to be overlooked. With Christmas coming up, not only is the public's attention distracted from real news (apparently focusing all their attention on Bill O'Reilly's disingenous lie that Jews and Atheists are trying to ruin Christmas), but also, experienced editors and writers are on vacation, so news organizations are less likely to pick up on a significant story.

I get it from a PR perspective. But it's more than a little disgusting that Bush is taking advantage of the Christmas lull to announce he's cutting off the food aid America promised to starving people. Because if you call yourself a Christian and a Compassionate Conservative often enough, then you don't have to actually feed the hungry. Especially not at Christmastime.

So, Kristof, when they start actually following through on their press releases about feeding the hungry by actually feeding the hungry, then we'll work with them. But I really don't think there's any need to strive for bipartisanship when all we're really doing is adding some (D)'s to the caption below their photo-op.


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