Monday, November 15, 2004

What's True Blue?

Recently, we’ve all had the bitter realization that sometimes in a democracy, the other guy wins. True Blue was created because you can only drink for so many days straight. And because living in a free democracy means that even when the other guys win, you’re still able to keep fighting for what you believe. In fact, it’s your responsibility as a citizen to keep up the good fight. It’s never over, no matter who wins.

So put the beer down and stop filling out Canadian immigration forms!

True Blue has also heard that many proud progressives don’t get a thrill from speculating about what drove voter turnout in PA-08, and have exciting, fulfilling lives outside of politics. This newsletter is offered to you as a public service, a way of keeping y’all in touch with political happenings and keeping the progressive movement tight and strong.

True Blue is not just for smugly superior folks in blue states – which anyone who’s been to Staten Island knows are full-o-red themselves. True Blue is for anyone who’s blue at heart, brave enough to fight for true American values of respect, tolerance, diversity, liberty, community, responsibility, hard work, open debate, and government accountability. Bluehearts everywhere, it is time to say: "we have not yet begun to fight!"

This is a collaborative effort – let me know what features you like, what’s boring, what rhetoric you find stirring (or flat), and what issues or news you want to hear more about. Also, if anybody can format this dang thing and make it pretty, I’d be eternally grateful…


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